About Us

Photo by G.L. Kohuth

The Sociolinguistics Lab is in B-411 Wells Hall. It was created for students and faculty who are working on projects in language variation and change, language processing and corpus linguistics. The lab has specialized software, audio equipment and a library of sociolinguistics books. 

Incidentally, if you haven’t yet taken a sociolinguistics class (or an intro to linguistics class that included sociolinguistics), this is a good one-page place to find out more about what sociolinguists do:

Lab Meeting Schedule

Meeting are held bi-weekly unless otherwise advertised. All are welcome. Please check the calendar ahead of time to confirm that there is a meeting. See the calendar for locations and topics.

If you’d like to get involved in sociolinguistics research at MSU, contact Suzanne Wagner.

If you’d like to gain access to or check out any equipment from the lab, contact Carli Willard.

Mailing Lists

To join the MSU Sociolinguistics Lab mailing list, click here. Note that the list is aimed at active lab members, and is relatively high load. 

If you’d prefer a low load list, click here to join the MSU Friends of Sociolinguistics list instead.