Grandparents University

MSU Grandparents University is an opportunity for grandparents and grandchildren (ages 8-12) to come together for a three-day educational experience while spending time together on the MSU campus in the summer. MSU Sociolinguistics has offered Harry Potter and the Secrets of British English since 2014, and it has frequently been voted one of the top 10 sessions by participants! 

Contact Dr Suzanne Wagner if you’re interested in helping out in 2019. There will be two sessions on one day (TBA). You can volunteer for one or both sessions. Assistants do everything from helping participants learn their ‘magic runes’ (International Phonetic Alphabet) to placing the Sorting Hat on children’s heads! It’s a lot of fun, so consider helping us to bring linguistics to a new audience.

Linguistics and Languages Alumni Reunion

MSU sociolinguists participated in the 2016 alumni reunion event on April 9. We were represented in the morning session by Chenchen Xu, who gave a 5-minute talk about Chinese dialects and how to map people’s perceptions of them. In the afternoon, Suzanne Wagner, Mingzhe Zheng, Alex Mason and Bethany Dickerson gave a tour of the Sociolinguistics Lab. We invited people to take part in some recording sessions and other activities.