Dennis R. Preston. MSU University Distinguished Professor Emeritus. Current position: Regents Professor of English, Oklahoma State University.

Wil Rankinen. Assistant Professor, Communication Sciences and Disorders, Grand Valley State University. Wil runs the Sociolinguistics, Sociophonetics and Speech Sciences (S4) lab.

Carmen Ruiz-Sanchez. Assistant Professor, Spanish. Current position: Assistant Professor, Spanish. Aquinas College.

Marisa Brook. Assistant Professor, Linguistics. Current Position: Assistant Professor, University of Toronto

Graduate Students

Monica Nesbitt. PhD Linguistics 2019. Dissertation: Changing their minds: The impact of internal social change on local phonology. Advisor: Suzanne Evans Wagner. Monica is a post-doctoral fellow at Dartmouth College.

Irina Zaykovskaya. PhD Second Language Studies 2019. Dissertation: Perceptions of vernacular US English LIKE by native and non-native English-speaking young adults in Michigan. Co-advisors: Susan Gass and Suzanne Evans Wagner. Irina is a Visiting Assistant Professor at Eastern Michigan University.

Sayako Uehara, PhD Linguistics 2018. Advisor: Yen-Hwei Lin. Saya is an Assistant Professional Specialist in Japanese at Purdue University.

Mingzhe Zheng. PhD Linguistics 2017. Dissertation: You Have to Adapt: A Sociolinguistic Study of Chinese-Americans in the “Asian city” of Southeast Michigan. Advisor: Suzanne Evans Wagner. Current position: Lecturer in Chinese at UC Berkeley.

J. Daniel HastyPhD Linguistics 2012. Dissertation: This might could help us better understand syntactic variation: The double modal construction in Tennessee English. Advisor: Suzanne Evans Wagner. Current position: Associate Professor of Linguistics, Coastal Carolina University.

Ashley Hesson, PhD Linguistics 2014. Medically speaking: Co-variation as stylistic clustering within physician recommendations. Advisor: Suzanne Evans Wagner. Current position:  Resident Physician, University of Michigan. Her collaborators (past and present) include Suzanne Wagner, J. Daniel Hasty, Heike Pichler and Norma Mendoza-Denton.

Chun-Yi Peng, MA Linguistics 2011. Thesis: The placement of the prepositional dative construction in Mandarin varieties. Advisor: Suzanne Evans Wagner. PhD CUNY, 2017. Currently: Assistant Professor of Chinese at the Community College of the Borough of Manhattan.

Jon Bakos, MA Linguistics 2008. Thesis: An examination of the adaptation to the Northern Cities Chain Shift by Lebanese immigrants in Dearborn, Michigan. Advisor: Dennis Preston. PhD Oklahoma State University, 2013. Current position: Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Indiana State University.

Minnie Annan, former PhD Linguistics student. Currently: PhD student in Linguistics at Georgetown University.

Undergraduate Students

Laura Blanton, BA Spanish (major) with Linguistics and Geography (minors) 2013. Laura was involved with several lab projects, including Philadelphia teenage speech and perception of sociolinguistic variation. Laura also attended the NWAV 41 conference in 2012. She wrote her senior thesis on the linguistic construction of hipster identity.

Bailey Doolittle, BA Linguistics 2012. She wrote her thesis (under the supervision of Cristina Schmitt) on predicates in copula formation in the history of English, focusing on Middle English. From fall 2010 to 2011 she worked with Suzanne Wagner and Joel Wallenberg on an analysis of verb-second word order in two parallel French and English texts from the 13th and 14th centuries.

Eva Ellis, BA Linguistics 2011. Eva wrote her senior thesis on gendered perceptions of swearing. MA in Linguistics from University of Victoria, Canada.

August Jenkins, BA Psychology and Linguistics 2016. August developed her own project about the expression on fleek, which she examined in a corpus of Twitter data and presented at the MSU Undergraduate Research and Arts Forum (UURAF) in 2015. August was funded by an MSU CAL-URI grant in 2015-2016 to develop a coding scheme for general extenders. She received the prestigious Michigan State University Featherstone Prize in 2016. She is currently a doctoral student at Pennsylvania State University in the clinical psychology program.

Karthik Kovuru, BA Linguistics and Physiology 2013. Karthik worked on the Philadelphia teenagers transcription project, the general extenders project and the perception of sociolinguistic variation project. He worked closely with Ashley Hesson on a variety of projects related to doctor-patient communication, and has presented at several academic conferences. He wrote his senior thesis on interruptions in doctor-patient consultations. Karthik plans to attend medical school. Karthik is currently working as a linguistic analyst at Verilogue Inc.

Heidi Little, BA Linguistics 2014. Heidi worked in the lab from early 2012 until she graduated. She was involved in transcription of the LCS corpus, and in the general extenders project. With Suzanne Wagner and Ashley Hesson, she completed a study of register variation in the use of general extenders across three corpora (LCS, FISHER, Toronto English Archive), published in the edited volume, Discourse-Pragmatic Variation and Change in English. She also worked with Suzanne and Sali Tagliamonte on an analysis of quotatives and intensifiers, and with Suzanne on an outreach project involving a local middle school. In 2016, Heidi received a Fulbright Fellowship to teach English in Japan.

Kathryn VerPlanck, BA Linguistics 2014. Kathryn worked for two years as Suzanne Wagner’s professorial assistant, and continued to work with Suzanne until she graduated! In summer 2011 she joined Kali Bybel and Suzanne Wagner at the Methods in Dialectology XIV conference, where they presented their work on general extenders in a small corpus of Philadelphia teenage speech. The paper was later published in a selected proceedings volume. Kathryn also worked on a joint project with Suzanne Wagner and Sali Tagliamonte on quotative and intensifier use across the lifespan. She presented posters several times at the MSU UURAF conference. Kathryn wrote her senior thesis on perceptions of the ‘Iraq’ vowel and speaker political affiliation.