MI-COVID Diaries project

The MSU Sociolinguistics Lab is launching a new project! The project leader is our incoming co-director of the lab, Dr. Betsy Sneller, in collaboration with Dr. Suzanne Evans Wagner and students in the lab.

Life in Michigan has changed very quickly for many people over the past few weeks. The MI-COVID Diaries project aims to document what life is like in Michigan during the Coronavirus lockdown and afterwards, as we move back into normal life. We are interested in all aspects of how life is changing for Michiganders, from their daily routines to their language. We are looking for Michigan residents interested in submitting periodic oral history recordings during this time – if you are interested in learning more or in participating, please fill out a participation form.

You can also visit our website (mi-covid-diaries.com) for more information, or find us on Facebook and Twitter, @micoviddiaries. Please share this information widely! More updates will follow as we pilot the project and expand it.

NEW! We’ve added compensation for our diarists. Upload 15+ minutes of audio diary every two weeks, and we’ll send you a $5 Amazon gift card. Or, you can opt to pay it forward and donate your card to another participant.

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